Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), requires all business organisations, who collect and use personal information, to do so in a manner that protects your privacy and rights. The GDPR covers the processing of all personal data. I treat your data with the utmost care and will only use or share it for the purposes agreed with you in advance.

Any personal or family details discussed are purely for the purposes of writing your ceremony, which you will see and approve. I will not disclose these details to anyone who is not a guest at, or connected to your ceremony, without your express written consent. All notes taken are shredded after use. Scripts are retained on secure computer files. Printed scripts are destroyed after use except for a commemorative paper copy of the script, that I will send or present to you after your ceremony.

All personally identifiable data will be destroyed after 6 years of the ceremony taking place. I will not give your personal data to any third party, except where required to do so by law under duress of any legal proceeding or investigation.

Celebrants' Code of Practice

  1. Ceremonies will always be conducted to the highest possible standards of delivery and appropriateness and will attempt in every way to reflect the needs and wishes of the client.
  2. The celebrant will base the ceremony on information provided by the client and reflect their requirements for the ceremony.
  3. Celebrants will use their interpersonal skills and literary ability to win the trust of clients and set down, in fitting and correctly composed English, a text, which celebrates the occasion appropriately.
  4. The celebrant should conduct the ceremony calmly, audibly and with appropriate celebratory tone.
  5. Others attending, such as family and friends, will be encouraged to take part in the ceremony.
  6. Ceremonies will always be delivered from a full written text, which will include any contributions from others. A copy of this, including other contributions will always be offered to the client.
  7. Ceremonies will be based wherever possible, on a face-to-face meeting with the client. Celebrants should leave details of intended home visits with a relative or colleague in advance for security purposes.
  8. Celebrants will arrange the entrance and exit of clients into and out of the ceremony room in accordance with the clients wishes.
  9. Celebrants will not conceal the number of ceremonies they have conducted and will refrain from telling clients about other ceremonies they have conducted.
  10. The celebrant will provide the relevant person with details of music to be played, enabling the timely and correct use of music during the ceremony.
  11. Celebrants will not use their access to clients to promote products or paid services relating to any other occupation, interests, philosophies, religious or other beliefs or voluntary commitments they may have.
  12. Celebrants will seek to establish and maintain good working relationships with staff at local wedding and other venues and local event suppliers.
  13. Celebrants will dress appropriately for the ceremony.
  14. Celebrants will be punctual when meeting with clients, as well as when conducting ceremonies. If unforeseen or emergency events dictate the celebrants' late or non- attendance, a colleague will be informed or the ceremony script forwarded to the venue, ensuring that every effort is made to provide emergency cover.
  15. Celebrants will not express criticism of any other celebrant, client or any person working within the ceremony industry or in any way bring the profession into disrepute.
  16. Celebrants will respect the confidentiality of all information received in the course of their work and will treat clients and those working within the ceremony industry with courtesy and respect.