Anam Cara

My logo, the Anam Cara (or Celtic love knot), is a nod to my Irish roots. As every couple's love is unique, so too were the romantic symbolic knots used by the ancient Celts to signify their love.

The Anam Cara, the most romantic Irish love knot, consists of two interlocking hearts made up of one continuous line. The interweaving hearts symbolise two people joining together in love. The never-ending intertwining lines create its beautiful representation of everlasting and enduring love.

Anam Cara translates as 'a soul friend' similar to the expression 'soul mate' that we still use today.

In the past, the Celts used this beautiful symbol to weave individual emblems to celebrate their love and would exchange love knots in the same way couples exchange rings today.

"May your hands be forever clasped in friendship and your hearts joined forever in love"